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Experience You Can Count On

Pantheon Business Consulting (PBC) has both a solid track record, and a high level of performance in the area of business development consulting. Our staff has a broad base of business expertise allowing us to provide services aimed at building innovative revenue opportunities, strategic partner development, and new market penetration and growth. While our firm offers many general market business solutions, we offer a unique specialty in the area of diversity. We provide senior management with the tools needed to support organizational transformation – the transformation that is necessary to build a sustainable diversity and inclusion program.

In addition to the above, PBC specializes in:

  • Enhancing leadership decisions within major organizations that are seeking to build organizational effectiveness, increase productivity and long-term revenue opportunities, and grow shareholder equity
  • Providing corporate benchmarking and strategic partnership alliances through “C-level” access
  • Developing diversity and inclusion program opportunities through workforce and supplier diversity initiatives, and multicultural marketing strategies that drive customer loyalty and incremental revenue growth
  • Executing and implementing overall project management, business metrics and performance scorecards along with tools for monitoring and tracking

PBC was founded by former American Express executives with over 60 years of combined expertise in: relationship management; customer loyalty and retention; new segment development; and, strategic business acquisition. It is our goal to partner with you in order to better understand and support your business objectives while working to deliver immediate business results against your near– and long-term goals.

Pantheon Business Consulting has a primary focus on:

  • Enhancing leadership decisions
  • Providing strategic partnership alliances
  • Corporate benchmarking
  • Diversity and inclusion programs
  • Multicultural marketing strategies
  • Project management
  • Business metrics
  • Performance scorecards

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