Business Approach

When working with a client we strongly believe that it is necessary to conduct a detailed and comprehensive assessment, to review the project’s objectives, and ensure our ability to execute the desired objectives successfully.

Our goal, during the initial assessment phase, is to understand the company’s culture and to quickly develop a high level of competency regarding business practices and procedures, policies and decision-making, and to gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s financial and business models.

In order to provide the most effective recommendations and plan of action, PBC reviews the client’s top line goals in order to determine business imperatives and process information gathered from:

  • Analysis of company strategic plan and business initiatives derived from interviews and focus groups with senior executives and division heads
  • Analysis of business competition, strategic partnerships and long-term growth opportunities
  • Analysis of category leaders and fast growing emerging brands to increase long-term revenue sustainability

PBC has a solid track record of providing business and consulting services to many organizations. We work closely with their senior leadership teams to develop strategies that support near, and long-term, shareholder equity. In many cases these strategies have included the identification and acquisition of strategic partnerships that are designed to engage high value consumers, businesses and suppliers.