Success Stories


Helping Small Businesses Prepare for New Changes in Employee Healthcare Requirements

Building a National Marketing Campaign and Increasing Beer Sales to Multicultural Consumers

The upcoming roll out of the Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) is considered to be the most significant issue facing small business owners in recent years. A U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey of 1,332 executives in companies with fewer than 500 employees and annual revenue of less than $25 million found that their biggest concern for their businesses is the complexity and cost of the ACA, replacing economic uncertainty which held that position for over two years.


Over the last year PBC has worked closely with the senior teams of key medical organizations such as Private Health (the country’s fastest growing lifestyle servicing medical provider) and (the country’s largest digital medical record consolidator) to build innovative new revenue strategies which are focused on helping small businesses manage these changes.

The ACA will require new changes in how companies offer and individuals obtain health insurance, coupled with sweeping reforms of coverage the insurers must provide along with a new structure of how individuals and small businesses will buy insurance. PBC is working with medical service companies and major corporations such as American Express to expand the links between their small business merchants and healthcare providers who are providing services and benefits in anticipation of these changes.

It should be noted that the ACA will bring millions of previously uninsured Americans into the healthcare system. These new consumers will increasingly be offered a choice of healthcare providers and systems – as well new business services to support their needs. PBC has been able to build key strategic partnerships for our clients increasing their potential annual revenue opportunities by over 50%.


MillerCoors Brewing Company wanted to increase its beer sales and corporate goodwill in the African American community. While the company maintained ongoing and significant along with an active regional marketing campaign designed around large HBCU (Historically Black College) events, its annual advertising budget aimed at African-Americans was less than .5% of its overall advertising budget. MillerCoors had continued to see success with products such as Miller Lite and Miller 64 which already enjoyed strong brand affinity with African-American consumers, however Coors Light which had always been marketed based on its rocky mountain freshness, rather than great taste had not yet begun to build the anticipated sales traction among African Americans.

PBC worked with MillerCoors’ marketing team to increase its annual advertising budget by more than 10 times within a three year period in order to launch newly created Coors Light television commercials which for the first time in the company’s history would be aimed at African American consumers. The television commercials were immediately successful becoming the highest rated television spots across MillerCoors’ entire brand portfolio of more than 40 beers. The success of these commercials continues to support Coors Light’s sales growth as the #1 beer in its category and with strong affinity among African American beer drinkers.

Increasing Merchant Coverage for a Fast Growing Mobile App Provider

PBC was tasked with building large strategic partnerships which would rapidly increase the merchant coverage for Yowza!! –  the country’s fastest growing mobile app coupon provider. Yowza!! has more than 2 million consumers using its mobile app platform and has a small but relevant list of merchant partners (less than 10% of its consumer base) who offer special deals and values to its consumers. PBC quickly developed a target list of potential corporate partners with large merchant relationships that could exponentially grow Yowza!!’s merchant coverage by over 100% in two years.

After reviewing the list with Yowza!!’s senior leadership team and setting up C-level meetings with the major financial service and merchant processing companies in the industry, PBC was able to develop a pilot program between Yowza!! and American Express OPEN for Small Business. If successful, the pilot will lead to a full program roll-out positioning Yowza!! as OPEN’s primary mobile app coupon provider to all OPEN cardmembers and merchants – ultimately giving Yowza!! access to more than 50 times its current merchant coverage.